How Much Does Siding Repair Cost?

Fixing siding is the best way to both improve your home’s appearance and simultaneously ensure that it’s energy efficient. The repair work will keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer. You’ll also get rid of problems like mold, warping, or asbestos.

Siding repairs will vary depending on the type of material used for the siding. Vinyl repair costs an average of $500. Stone siding can cost from $250-$5,000 or more for major repairs.

It’s also helpful to understand key points about repairing and replacing the siding for your home.

NOTE: In 2021, there will be an unprecedented labor shortage as a side effect of the COVID-19 pandemic. This will cause material prices to rise, and lead times to become longer than usual for both labor and materials.

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Siding Cost Per Square Foot

Calculate the square footage of your home to determine how much siding material to buy. The bigger your home’s unique, the more expensive your siding will be. Having a custom siding job will cost extra, especially if it involves larger sheets of siding materials, like vinyl.

The contractor you hire will estimate how much extra the job will cost because of the size of the house. Home siding repairs may cost more than expected. If the repairs require a contractor to work on a less accessible or more dangerous part of your home, as the second story, it’s possible to pay more for the job. Expect to pay an average of $100 extra for this type of repair.

Homeowners should also take into account the siding disposal costs when estimating their home renovation budget. Disposal fees vary from $1,000 to $3,000, depending on the size of your home and labor costs as well as the type of siding you want to dispose of.

Types of Repair

Your primary function is to protect the interior of the home, so it’s important that you have the exterior of your home in good shape. Siding is exposed to the elements and it’s bound to require repairs sooner or later.

When you have siding damage, it’s often easy to see. You may easily spot holes, cracks, or dents, but other less obvious damages such as loose siding, water damage, and warping are harder to detect.

Most physical damage requires repair at a cost of about $100 to $ 150. Small leaks are under $200, while dents, a relatively common problem, cost around $300, and small rot is in the $120 to $600 range. Removing mold can be very expensive and is considered to be the most expensive repair project with costs reaching up to $700.

When the problem is left unattended, it could cause problems for your home, so be sure to fix it quickly. With proper maintenance, the siding could last between 10 to 70 years.

The longer the problem with your siding goes unsolved, the shorter it will last. You can prolong its life somewhere between 10 to 70 years with proper maintenance. 

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Vinyl Siding Repair Cost

One of the most popular siding materials in the United States is Vinyl siding. It’s easy to install, inexpensive, and comes in many attractive styles. But it can fade or crack in harsh weather after about 9 to 14 years of wear.

Vinyl siding is typically installed at an average cost of $2 to $4 per square foot to repair, so for a 200-square-foot repair project, you’d spend about $800.

You may find a color matching problem when you want to install a new layer of vinyl siding. Old vinyl siding may not match the colors of the new vinyl siding. So, you’ll probably need to replace an entire wall. Vinyl is usually $5 per square foot.

Painting over your siding is a great idea to ensure that everything looks to match. Costs vary, but for the average 2,500-square-foot house, the cost is about $4,000.


Aluminum Siding Repair Cost

Aluminum siding is a strong and durable exterior siding material, but it can dent and scratch easily in a high-impact event like treefall. Because metal is a durable material, you may find that it makes more sense to repair damaged sections than to replace the entire siding.

Depending on the brand and the type of material, the price of repairing aluminum siding varies from $3 per square foot to $6 per square foot. More expensive siding is less likely to dent, but it will cost more than cheaper materials.

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Wood Siding Repair Cost

Wood siding is vulnerable to the elements, like warping with moisture and being susceptible to pests. The issues can be addressed with siding repair. It generally costs $1,400 to repair but can range from $200 to $5,000.

Patching holes in wood siding is an easy and relatively inexpensive fix, costing around $100 per hole. Holes in siding are a common problem from pests and rot, but you can repair them yourself for a small fee.

A common problem with wood siding is warping, which occurs after moisture exposure. This is often fixable with an easy DIY process that includes adding screws to try to make the wood flat. But if this doesn’t work, it’s best to have a professional remove and cut away the warped material. This job will cost you around $300, plus the contractor’s hourly rate.

When it comes to replacing the entire board, that will cost you at least $1,000. It usually involves removing and cutting the old boards, replacing old nails, and caulking the joints.

Preventing these problems from occurring, or catching them early so they don’t progress, is key to saving money in your home maintenance budget. To keep your home looking good, paint it every two to three years and have annual home inspections with a contractor who can identify potential problems.

Stone Siding Repair Cost

Homeowners often choose to use natural stone as siding for a number of reasons. Stone is durable and attractive, but it can cost up to $42 per square foot to install.

Stone siding is extremely durable, but it’s not impervious to damage. Over time, as stone siding ages and is exposed to the elements, it may crack or break. The mortar between stones can also become loose over time, causing issues with moisture and pests.

The cost to repair a 100-square-foot area of natural stone siding is usually around $1,000 to $2,000.

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