The exterior of a home needs more than siding to protect it from the environments in Troy, Detroit.

Fascia and trim are the key elements that protect homes from water intrusion. The materials used need to be able to withstand a variety of weather conditions and maintain their integrity over time. We will look at a range of options for durable wood fascia and trim in this article.

To understand their roles, let’s first compare trim with fascia. Trim is used as an exterior feature that wraps around windows and doors and encases them. Fascia is used in conjunction with trim to form the shape of the eaves.


What Is Exterior Trim on A House In Troy?

The focal points of a structure can be defined with trim. They may look cosmetic, but trim and fascia play an important role in finishing seams around windows and doors, helping to keep moisture out as well as long-lasting.

Both fascia and trim need to be durable to accomplish the purposes for which they are installed, but they also need to create a finished, appealing look for a home’s exterior. The underside of a roof’s overhang is referred to as a soffit, and it helps to keep water out. In addition to giving homes a safeguard against water intrusion, soffit, fascia and trim give homes a cohesive finished appearance.


Is Fascia Considered Trim?

The exterior elements of a home that contribute to curb appeal are the Fascia and Trim. Some may refer to trim as “fascia trim”, showing that it is often confused with the other term. The exterior elements of a home that contribute to curb appeal are the Fascia and Trim. 

Gutters are usually attached to the fascia, which is made up of the roof membrane and the underlayment. Fascia is very important for the drainage of water from the roof. It is very common to have gutters that collect runoff water and redirect it downspouts. Read more about what is a fascia boards


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fascia on new house

Why Durability Is Key for Trim And Fascia?

Trim, soffits, fascia, and even cladding have been a big part of exterior design for years. But that doesn’t mean they are any less important or vulnerable to damage from the environments. They are all part of the building envelope and represent a home’s first line of defense—which means they can be susceptible to damage.

Troy RRC is one of the most durable siding solutions on the market, and other products, such as fascia, provide the same exceptional durability. Look no further than Troy RRC products when it comes to the most durable siding, trim, and fascia. They’re made using Troy’s patented method, which includes four layers of protection for resistance, moisture, strength, and other factors.


Choose Troy RRC Trim and Fascia for Durability, Beauty And Workability

When discussing the most weather-resistant siding alternatives with your clients and homeowners, don’t forget to mention trim and fascia as important additional aspects that contribute to the home’s weather resistance.
Troy RRC trim and fascia provide homes a unique style, clean curb appeal, and an appearance to be proud of, while also being built for endurance. Troy RRC products are simple to install on the Jobsite because they have longer lengths, less waste, and less breakage. Read more if you are interested to know the 3 most common fascia boards sizes for gutters.

Explore our collection of classic, long-lasting Troy RRC siding and trim products on our siding and trim product page.


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