Why Your Fascia Board is Rotting and What to Do About It?


What is a Fascia Board?

The fascia board is the horizontal board that runs from your roof to the gutters and the downspouts. It is located between the top edge of your roof and the lowest part of your soffit. The fascia board should be attached to the top of the roof rafters and the bottom of the soffit.


Is a Fascia Board the Same as a Soffit?

The fascia board and the soffit are not quite the same things. The soffit is the underlayment that is installed horizontally along the bottom of the roof or the overhang. The soffit is the last piece of the home’s exterior walls to be installed. The fascia board is the final piece of the exterior walls of the home to be installed. Learn more about the purpose of Fascia and Soffit on a house. 


What is a Fascia Board Made Out Of?

In Troy, fascia boards are often constructed of wood. It can, however, be manufactured of steel or aluminum for some commercial uses. It is constructed of wood and coated with aluminum and vinyl siding in a residential environment. Occasionally, a concrete plank will be installed.

Fascia boards made of composite materials are rare. The majority of the time, they will be made of wood. A common misunderstanding about vinyl fascia boards is that they are waterproof. When people talk about vinyl fascia boards, they usually mean vinyl siding. The majority of them are built of wood with other materials layered on top.


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fascia and soffit

Roof Installation And Architecture Problems

The roof was placed wrongly, which is why the fascia boards start rotting. It could also be related to the age or condition of the roof. If mold, mildew, or algae grows on your roof, it will absorb sunlight, raising the warmth of your home and roof.

As your shingles deteriorate over time, water may leak into your home and around your fascia boards, based on where the shingles were damaged. If this happens, we recommend contacting a specialist at Troy RRC, we can help remove debris from your roof.

Troy Roofing Repair Cost (RRC) in Troy, Michigan is a company we highly suggest. On these types of tasks, we always work with them, and they’re great at disposing of the debris that’s ruining your roof or siding.

Water can flow against walls and run down, causing damage, due to incorrect installation or damaged or inappropriate shingles.


Gutter Issues

For a variety of reasons, gutters installed poorly on the fascia board might result in water damage. Water can get through gutter seams, corner miters, and end caps. Water might overflow if the gutter is blocked. Water will not be confined if a gutter cannot handle the volume of water entering from a high-volume location.

When water overflows, gutters are designed to direct it away from the house. This is due to the fact that the gutter on the front is lower. Despite this, some water still makes its way down the front of the gutter and onto the fascia board. Read more about how often should you clean your gutter


Clogged Downspout or Underground Drain

In addition, clogged downspouts prompt the gutter to overflow, causing water damage to the fascia board. The downspout is typically blocked with leaves and debris. Sticks and heavier materials can become trapped in the downspout, clogging smaller items. Unexpected items like tennis balls, golf balls, and other objects can become lodged in the gutter, causing it to back up immediately.

Underground drains can be clogged as well, especially if they were designed in a way that prevents water from flowing.

fascia under roof

Does A Rotten Fascia Board Have to Be Replaced?

Rotten fascia boards in your roof can allow water to enter your structure. This can lead to major damage and structural problems. Your first line of defense is to replace the rotten fascia boards on your roof and make sure it stays dry from there. Read more what is the fascia board of a house.


Not Hard to Fix

The fascia board is one of the last pieces of wood to go on the exterior of the house. The only thing you have to move before then is the gutters since the fascia board will need to be moved as well.


Required Tools

It might only be possible to replace on your own if you have some construction experience. A tape measure, pencil, skill saw, and square is among the tools you will need. Typically, fascia boards are built of 1X6 or 1X8 dimensional lumber. It is possible to make it with a 2X6 or 2X8, but this is uncommon.


How Long It Would Take To Replace

8-10 feet of fascia board may be installed in 20-30 minutes by a professional. For an inexperienced person, it could take 3-4 hours. It would have to be caulked and painted when it was replaced, or the vinyl siding would have to be reinstalled.

Repairs would cost about $450 on average. Materials and tools are included in the fee.


How to Prevent Your Fascia Board From Rotting

Your fascia board will not decay if you have a solid seamless gutter system along with efficient roof installation. When installing gutters, using the correct types of nails and fasteners will also help.

When the gutters start to slide away from the house because the wrong nails or fasteners were applied, it’s a significant concern. Water rushes off below the gutter and ricochets into the fascia board when this happens. One of the most frequent causes of rotting caused by water is this. 


Treated Wood or Sealant

Make sure your fascia boards are covered so they don’t get damaged. Sealing the wood can serve as a barrier until you can examine your gutters to ensure they’re in good condition.


Proper Gutter Installation

Water damage to the fascia board can be avoided by ensuring that the gutter system is properly installed. Gutters should be properly maintained and extended. Gutter extensions can help the water flow into the downspout instead of running off onto your foundation.


Check Your Fascia Board While Cleaning Your Gutters

Throughout the year, you should inspect your gutter system to make sure it isn’t compromised. It is important that you clean your gutters at least twice a year. You can inspect your fascia board and gutters while cleaning them to make sure the seams and corners are fresh and working.

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