How Much Does Gutter Replacement Cost
In Troy, Michigan?

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  • Gutter replacement expenses typically range from $5 to $31 per linear foot. 
  • The cost of gutter replacement is determined by the choice of material used and the work involved.
  • It is feasible to do it by yourself.


Gutters and downspouts are unsung heroes in home maintenance. They’re not as exciting as a backyard pizza oven, but when you realize what they do for protecting your house from flood damage, it’s hard to argue against the cost.

The average cost to replace your gutters is actually closer to $2,100. This is an accurate figure that includes the cost of labor, materials and permits. However, if you’re interested in learning more about how to save money on gutters, then check out our guide on how to save money on gutters.

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Cost to Replace Gutters Per Linear Foot In Troy, Detroit

Is it simply a portion of your gutter system that needs to be replaced? If this is the case, you might want to try fixing it for the time being.

In Troy, gutter replacement typically costs anywhere between $5 to $31 per linear foot. The material selected, such as basic aluminum or high-end copper, determines the price range.

If you discover that you require more substantial gutter repairs, replacing your entire gutter system may be the better option in the long run.

Furthermore, a total gutter replacement will most likely have better curb appeal than a patchwork solution.


How Much Does It Cost to Replace Gutters Yourself?

In Troy, you can pocket the labor costs of around $75 per hour if you replace your own gutter. The gutter can cost between $4 and $31 per linear foot, depending on the material.

In fact, gutter replacement isn’t a DIY job that most homeowners can tackle themselves. First of all, replacing gutters involves quite a bit of difficult and potentially dangerous work on a ladder at rooftop height. Second, removing the old and installing the new system can be messy and can make your house look worse.

How essential is a properly installed gutter to your home’s wellbeing? Unlike painting a room or hanging up some shelves, a less-than-perfect gutter replacement can cause problems.

Whether you want it done right or safety first, you might want to bring in a seasoned pro to help. You can contact a gutter installation professional near you in Troy.

Seamless gutters, which are rolled out on-site with a special machine known as a brake, are the most often implemented gutters today.

Because seamless gutters have fewer joints and seams, they are less likely to leak. Even though gutters are affordable, it is necessary to contact a professional installer who has the necessary tools.


Gutter Replacement Cost Breakdown In Troy

The main factors that determine how much it will cost you to remove gutters include, materials, labor, removal and disposal.


Removal and Disposal

You’ll need someone to uninstall and dispose of your old gutters before installing new gutters. This is usually around $110.



The majority of the expense of replacing gutters is made up of materials, which is expected. Materials range in price between $5 and $31 per linear foot, depending on the type.



If you decide to replace your old gutters, you’ll also need to pay for the cost of the materials as well as the labor. The average labor rate for replacing gutters is about $75 per hour.

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How Much Does It Cost to Replace Gutters by Type In Troy?

There are various price tags for different types of gutter. The most common gutter materials include aluminum, copper, and STAINLESS steel.

  • Aluminum: $5–$8 per linear foot
  • Wood: $11–$21 per linear foot
  • Stainless Steel: $8–$21 per linear foot
  • Vinyl: $4–$6 per linear foot
  • Copper: $14–$31 per linear foot


Aluminum gutters are less expensive per linear foot, ranging between $5 and $8. They’re also easy to implement, but keep in mind that they’re more susceptible to debris and wind damage, so they might not last long as other solutions.



Copper is a long-lasting gutter material, but it costs $16 to $31 per linear foot, so it isn’t suitable for every project. While copper is more expensive than other materials, experts will advise you that the strength and longevity of copper gutters mean you won’t have to replace or repair them as often, which is something to consider about.


Stainless Steel

Stainless steel gutters can be priced anywhere from $8 to $21 per linear foot, but they require a lot of maintenance. Steel is more durable than aluminum gutters, and while they do need to be periodically replaced, the cost savings on them is worth it.



At $4 to $6 per linear foot, vinyl is one of the most cost-effective gutter alternatives. However, you may get what you pay for, like with most things. Vinyl gutters are a little more delicate, as the material can break and deteriorate with time. If you’re searching for a more durable solution, it may or may not be the ideal option depending on your time scale and price.



Wood gutters cost between $16-$31 per linear foot. While wood is beautiful and adds some natural beauty to your home, it’s also prone to deterioration and rot. Make sure to install the proper system that will prevent this from happening!


How Much Does Replacing Gutters Cost by Style In Troy?

Gutters, too, have a sense of fashion. It’s not very difficult, fortunately. Sectional and seamless gutters are the only two gutter designs available.


Sectional Gutters

Sectional gutters are quite simply pre-cut sections that you connect together to suit your needs. They’re the most common type of gutter because they’re very affordable, but they’re also known to leak, and their longevity can be a little shorter than that of a seamless gutter.

Seamless gutters have no seams and are formed of a single piece of material. The advantages are that there are fewer leaks and less maintenance is required. They’re also more costly than sectional gutters.

However, keep in mind that seamless gutter installation can be more convenient and time-consuming than cutting and attaching sectional gutter parts to fit.


What Factors Influence the Cost to Replace Gutters In Troy?

The size of your property and the material you pick are the only two major aspects that determine the cost of gutter replacement.


Home Size

For a total gutter replacement, most businesses charge per foot, so the height and size of your home have an impact on the material and labor expenses.

A larger or longer house naturally takes more linear feet of gutter, which raises the cost. The height of your home may also increase the cost if bigger ladders and other special tools are required for the installation.

Material costs are important to consider when you’re thinking about gutters. You can typically expect to pay about $4 to $31 per linear foot, which can vary greatly depending on your area and the type of material you need.

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