3 Most Common Fascia Board Sizes For Gutters In Troy, Michigan


Do Fascia Board Sizes Matter On A House In Troy?

In Troy, choosing the right fascia board sizes for your gutter project shouldn’t be difficult. Because of the variety of options and customization, it’s rather simple to find an appropriate size for the gutter type you’re installing on a house.

Typically, most gutter systems may be installed using residential fascia boards in Troy. However, gutters are most generally available in three sizes. Sizes might vary depending on the architect’s design, the builder’s budget, or personal desire. 


Fascia Board Sizes #1 – 1×6

The standard size of this board is 5 and a half by three quarters. This is the most prevalent type of fascia board in Troy. A 2×4 sub fascia is usually installed behind this fascia board. Residential gutters are typically 5 or 6 inches wide.

The fascia board attachment area on the backside of a 5-inch gutter will be 4 inches tall. The installation area on a 6 gutter is 5 inches. This creates a small amount of extra space beneath the gutter. You may see a little less fascia board beneath the gutter if the gutter is lowered to modify the pitch.


Fascia Board Sizes #2 – 2×4

The trend for gutter and fascia design has been changing for quite some time. From 2x to 3x materials, and now to 4x and even 5x. This is in response to the industry’s realization that it’s no longer necessary to make your home look like a showroom from the 2000s.

Fascia boards of this size made the gutters hard to maintain. They didn’t look right.


Fascia Board Sizes #3 – 1×8

Fascia board installation on larger homes in Troy can be a little tricky because it requires cutting larger materials than normal, usually 1 × 8. Sometimes builders do this in an attempt to achieve a heavy craftsman look.

A fascia board of this size will give a beefy architectural look to the construction. The nominal size of a 1×8 is seven and a quarter inches.



It makes no difference what size fascia board you pick for your home in Troy. If you have gutters, you’ll simply want to make sure that they fit completely on the fascia board. Depending on the sort of brackets you select and how you apply the fascia boards, you may run into problems.

There are solutions for all sizes, therefore the issue occurs only if you don’t match the size of your fascia board to the suitable gutter supports. The most important reason to consider fascia board size is for aesthetic reasons.

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