Top 7 Summer Roof Maintenance Tips in Troy, Michigan

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The hottest month of the year has arrived. Hail damage, heavy rain, high winds, and the hot sun can cause damage to your roof. With the heat continuing throughout the summer, it’s important to make sure your home is ready for the long term. In order to ensure that your home’s roof is properly maintained during the summer months, you need to stay on top of these 7 tips for summer roof maintenance. 


Check for algae, mold, and moss.

Summer can bring rain and humidity that can encourage the growth of algae. Over time, algae can eat away at your shingles and damage the roof. This may result in roof decay. Algae can be found on roofs and gutters, as well as other surfaces, due to a buildup of rainwater. Algae grow especially visible during the summer months in Troy and can cause significant damage to your roof and gutters if it isn’t taken care of.

Moss grows slowly on roofs, causing the roof to curl and crack over time. Heavy moss can cause water to pool up and create buildup under the shingles. You should inspect your roof periodically to detect any issues, but if you see moss or algae growing on it, then remove it ASAP to prevent these problems. Mold damage can occur very quickly. So it’s important to check your roof regularly.


Inspect your attic

During the summer, your attic can heat up to 150 degrees. Your roof collects heat from the sun in the daytime and radiates it into your attic space. Your attic should be well-ventilated, to keep it from getting too hot. The heat can cause your sores to crack and curl, resulting in roof leaks. It’s vital that your attic be insulated during the summer, to prevent heat and moisture from entering.

At Summertime in Troy, it’s very important to look for any signs of moisture or mold growth. This can point to water leakage from your roof.

These are some signs of roof mold damage that can be seen from your attic:

  1. Your roof may have a hole if you find watermarks on the ceiling or walls of your attic.
  2. You can have a roof leak if your attic smells musty and you see mold on the ceiling.
  3. If you see discolored rafters, the water in your attic has seeped through the roof.
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Replace any missing shingles

Sometimes replacing shingles can seem like a simple task, but failing to get the right nails into the right places or leaving old nails in the ground can lead to more damage. The wrong shingle can cause problems such as fading, cracking, or even the growth of algae. For example, when inspecting a roof, if you walk on damaged shingles, they might fall off and cause more damage and lead to roof leaks in the future. Patching a small hole in your roof isn’t likely to cause serious damage. But it could potentially impact your roof’s health and safety. Because of these problems, it is important to hire a professional roofer to inspect and replace missing shingles. Learn more about the cost to replace roof shingles in Troy.


Trim your trees

It’s important to regularly trim trees that grow over your roof after a storm to keep them from breaking or falling because they pose a risk for injury. If the tree is healthy and strong, it will be able to withstand the harsh summer storms. You should be especially careful of low-hanging branches that may hit your roof while it is being repaired or replaced. The fallen leaves and twigs of these branches can clog your gutters, too. Keep an eye out for any overhanging branches when installing your roof decking. They should be trimmed down as much as possible.


Get rid of any debris

If your roof leaks, you’ll need to get rid of the debris in the attic to stop it from dripping. They include twigs and branches that can cause roof leaks, so it’s important to prune them away. Did you know that keeping the sun off the roof of your home keeps the house cooler in the summer and helps keep your air conditioner from working overtime?

Safety should always be your top priority when working on or around your roof. Slip-resistant shoes are important, and you should also use a leaf blower to clear the part of the roof that you cannot reach. Remember, you should never power wash your roof! Power washing can lift the shingles and expose your roof to further damage from winds.

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Clean your gutters

Spending your day cleaning your gutters is not something most people like doing, but it’s very important in preventing serious damage to your home.

During Summertime in Troy, it’s important to clean your gutters, because they can be clogged up with a variety of things, including leaves, dirt, birds’ nests, and other debris. If you see insects crawling around your gutters, there is a chance they are clogged. Squirrels and mice use the debris in the gutter to build their nest.

If your gutters are clogged, it’s not a good idea to leave water on your roof and sit under your shingles. If you have a bad storm, it’s good to make sure you clean out your gutters to prevent debris from getting caught in them.

If your gutters are not clean for a long time, the debris can collect and eventually cause your gutter to become sagged. They could start pulling away from your house. You should check your downspouts to see if there are any granules. It is more likely that you have shingle damage when you see large amounts.


Get a Roof Inspection from the Professionals in Troy

You may be wondering whether it makes more sense to hire someone for a roofing project or do it yourself. It all depends on what kind of job you need to be done and who’s available. Roofs are both complex and dangerous. If you don’t have proper equipment, knowledge, and materials, you can damage your roof and hurt yourself.

Roof inspections can find issues that you might not have known about and may save you money in the future. If you want to avoid getting roof repairs, get regular inspections of your roof. Roof problems often result from severe storms. When performing a roof inspection, it’s important to remember that roof inspections should not be overlooked.

Your roof is very important. But many of us do not realize how much heat, humidity, and storms can affect the integrity of your roof. Summer is the season of heat, and without regular roof maintenance, you could find yourself in trouble. Don’t let that happen. It’s a good idea to schedule a professional roof inspection in Troy if you notice any issues on your roof.

Call the roofing experts at Ringside Roofing to learn how we can help make your roof last a long time.

Always remember, preventative maintenance is better than serious repair work!

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